Sunday, 19 May 2013

About Us

MISSION: To become the Leading Distributor of Specialised Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Products in the Caribbean.

In our line of business, we will be uniquely identified as an entity which represents High Ideals, uncompromising quality of products and services, and long standing relationships with all of our stakeholders.

• OUR WATCHWORDS: Passion • Commitment • Exuberance

OUR HISTORY: PODs Emergency Management Consultancy & Solutions was established in 2004. Its area of specialty is primarily Disaster Preparedness offering specialized products to the public in the event of any natural or man-made disaster such as hurricane, flood, fire and earthquake.

The owner of PODs Emergency Management Consultancy & Solutions, Stacey-Ann Pi Osoria remembers too well the trauma that day, when it was announced on the radio that Hurricane Emily was headed for her twin-island state, Trinidad and Tobago. With all the panic, she was caught in stagnant traffic for hours on the highway, unable to contact either of her children or husband just to find out if they were safe. The traffic did not move and the cell lines were totally jammed. Everyone seemed to have waited until the last minute to get home.

It was in this frustrating and desperate situation that she made a commitment to herself and to her family that never would they be placed in such a compromising predicament again. It was through this experience that
PODs Emergency Management Consultancy & Solutions came into being.

Since its inception, Pods has expanded its product portfolio and has established long-term relationships primarily with the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) in Trinidad, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in Tobago and the Regional Corporations headed by the Ministry of Local Government.

Many members of the business community have also began to recognize the importance of being emergency-ready and disaster prepared and as such, Pods has been able to provide the support needed to help these institutions create a physically safe environment for its stakeholders and equally important to ensure business continuity.

PODs Emergency Management Consultancy & Solutions also offers a number of other disaster preparedness products for both the business community and for the household. These products include but are not limited to:

Flood Control | Food & Water | Hurricane Safety | Search & Rescue | Earthquake Safety | Care & Road Safety | Emergency Lighting | Hygiene Kits | Fire & Smoke | Personal Protective Equipment | First Aid | Radios & Flashlights | Emergency Shelters | Pandemic Safety | Shelter Supplies & Sanitation

At Pods, we strongly believe that the Government plays an important role in the preservation of national security and can steer its people in the right direction BUT more important is that we as individuals should recognize our own individual responsibility for the safety of ourselves and our families.

Together, as a unified team, we will continue to strive for a proactive system of complete preparedness ans response that can preserve the economy of our nation, the stability of out people ans the lives of our loved ones.